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The Oklahoma Veterans Project is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.


How do we use your donations?

This is an excellent question and is something every donor should be asking of any charity they contribute to.  Becuase we have not yet filed our first IRS Form 990 which details our financial information, we wanted to take the time to answer this question.  Our mission is to provide housing, food, clothing, and other assistance to veterans suffering economic hardship.  We accomplish this mission through two programs.  The first program is Temporary Assistance for Veterans.  This program provides rent/utility assistance for veterans that are in danger of losing their residence or having important utilities cut off.  We also provide temporary housing assistance to veterans and their families that are already homeless while they wait for their Department of Veterans Affairs benefits to be decided, which can sometimes take months.  Further, we provide food, clothing, school supplies, and other needs for veterans and their families while they concentrate on getting back on their feet.

With the mission being clear, money and items donated to the Oklahoma Veterans Project are used toward these ends.  We have very little administrative costs because our staff are part-time and we maintain no office space.  Therefore a much higher percentage of donations received directly impact veterans and their families.  If you have any specific questions regarding donations, please contact our executive director and they will be happy to answer your questions.